SEO for Startups

When starting out with your new company, it can be tough to catch a break. Startups often face challenges like lack of exposure in the market and budget constraints. That’s why it’s important to invest in digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) to build your brand’s online presence.

As a leader in innovative digital marketing strategies, Wave Digital combines 15 years of experience, along with technical skills and industry knowledge to create ROI-centric marketing campaigns. We support businesses of all sizes to rank higher on search engine page results (SERPs) and help to position your company as a trustworthy brand for your buyers.

In a technology-driven age, your startup should consider SEO as a key component of its business plan.

SEO for Startups

What is SEO?

If you’re familiar with digital marketing methods, you’ll most likely have heard of search engine optimization. As a key digital marketing strategies, SEO aims to help your website organically climb the ranks of search engines like Google. When buyers search for products and services, they are more inclined to choose a website from the top three listings. Also, research shows that the majority of searchers won’t go past the first page of Google. 

SEO uses a number of different processes that are performed on your website and other websites to raise your brand’s domain authority. By doing this, you’re seen as more trusted by search engines, allowing you to organically rank in higher positions on SERPs.

We Align SEO With Your Business Goals

Being a startup in a world full of new companies and budding entrepreneurs can be tough during your first two years of business. We collaborate with you to help you achieve your business goals. 

Our SEO campaigns don’t just drive more traffic to your company website, we also help with: 

  • Increasing your revenue streams and boosting your bottom line for long-term gain. 
  • Brand exposure and recognition, helping you to attract new leads and build loyal customers. 
  • Boosting your online presence and ensuring that your business can also be found locally. In turn, this helps to increase the longevity of your business.
  • Be seen as a thought and industry leader through the creation of valuable content assets.

Our SEO Strategies

We’re completely transparent with the companies that partner with us. There are no shady blackhat tactics and we don’t perform any actions without discussing with our clients first. Our SEO gameplans involve many components that come together to form a solid strategy that is designed to maximize your ROI. 

After a complete audit of your startup’s website, we can evaluate which areas need new content or revised content. Our SEO team will then research relevant keywords based on search volume and how much traffic they will bring in. The content team coordinates with our SEO specialists to provide new content elements and assets across the board. 

Here’s what we do: 

  • Website: constantly evaluating your website’s architecture and making adjustments when necessary. This includes optimizing loading times and ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly. Every little bit counts when it comes to SEO.  
  • PR outreach: co-ordinating with websites and influencers to obtain backlinks on popular websites and blogs. 
  • Link-building campaigns: we have a directory of top-tier websites where we can promote your content to build high-quality backlinks. For example, we have access to CNN, Entrepreneur and Business2Community. 
  • Content assets: that includes web pages, blog posts, guest posts, website copy and promotional copy.
  • Reporting: we keep you up to speed through trackable and measurable results. Our monthly reporting highlights your ROI and where we can make tweaks to ensure your campaigns run smoothly.

Why Choose Wave Digital?

We don’t claim that we have the secret sauce here at Wave Digital, we have years of experience as digital marketers and industry experts. We can help take your startup’s business to the next level through carefully executed campaigns that drive growth. 

To find out more about our SEO for startups services, get in touch with us today.

Strategic Guest Blogging
Authoritative and Trusted Sites
High Quality Content
Our link building services are performed by digital experts that are adept in content marketing, PR and SEO. We ensure that your company gets the organic leads it deserves.
At Wave Digital, we offer numerous digital marketing solutions to help companies scale by bringing in more organic traffic. To improve your reach and get you more website visitors, we use link-building (think of it like little signposts that lead back to your site).
Short-term goals expect accomplishment in a short period of time, such as trying to get a bill paid in the next few days.
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