Affordable Local SEO Services

Local search engine optimization doesn’t have to cost a fortune. An affordable digital marketing agency can stretch your marketing budget out and still maximize ROI.

Wave Digital’s affordable local SEO services are tailormade to fit your small business. We optimize your local search listings to drive more website traffic and boost your conversions through local searches.

When a customer is searching for a local product or service, they will usually open Google and search for either the “best” version or the closest. Sometimes, it can even be both the best and the closest. A buyer that’s searching for your company’s offerings will often look at the top three results and if you’re not on that list, they’ll go to one of your competitors.

Affordable Local SEO Services

What Is Local SEO

Local SEO is a marketing process that helps your company to rank higher when a customer performs a local search in their city. One of the main components of local SEO is to ensure that you have an optimized Google My Business listing with correct information. We tweak this listing to maximize your company’s exposure and bring in leads through as many channels as possible.

If you’re looking to generate more traffic and convert that into paying customers; either on your website and through your doors, local SEO is super important. Around 3.8 billion people use the internet every day, that creates a gives you the possibility to reach and engage new leads in your area.

SEO Vs Local SEO

The key difference between SEO and local SEO is that the core of SEO focuses entirely on processes that optimize your company website. Local SEO focuses on optimizing and improving your Google My Business and Bing Places listing to boost your brand awareness and reel in more qualified leads.

Is Local SEO Only for Physical Stores?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a business office or brick and mortar store for your business, local SEO can still be configured to drive more leads to your company. Market data shows that the websites and companies that show up in the first position on SERPs gain more website visitors, calls and inquiries from their local business listing.

Why Partner With Us for Local SEO Services?

Fifteen years of digital marketing experience sets us apart from other agencies. As expert SEO consultants, we’ve developed key strategies and industry connections to take your campaigns to the next level.

To create local SEO campaigns for your company, we diligently go through large lists of directories, enter business information and upload your business images. To run a successful campaign, we also need to input your company’s NAP information across multiple directories to generate an authoritative online presence.

At Wave Digital, we don’t believe that small businesses should pay through the nose for professional services. Our affordable local SEO services are designed to put your business on the map without you breaking the bank.

For a free consultation about how our local SEO services can help your business grow and flourish, contact us today.

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