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Proud members of the Chemical Business Association

Nitin Sethi, the Managing Director and one of the two founders of Ascot International, wasn’t expecting a career in the chemicals industry when he left school. However, a passion for business and industriousness needed an outlet and the rest is history! In February 1994, shortly after completing his MBA, Ascot International was born.

Over Two and a half decades later, Ascot International continues to develop and grow, now suppling some of the biggest and most demanding customers in the UK. Ascot International supplies a variety of ingredients which are present in finished products on the shelves of Aldi, Wilko, Tesco and Sainsbury’s to name a few!

This success owes to years of hard work, and a dedicated group of people who are constantly learning and evolving with the industry to ensure the best service to all of our valued customers.

At ASCOT it’s about researching potential suppliers and about verifying the quality, purity and authenticity of their products.

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Proud members of the Chemical Business Association

We go the extra mile for our customers to efficiently deliver exquisite and envisioning ingredients at the best possible price.
We follow the latest trends to identify innovative and exotic products in the market.edit it.

Hygiene & Disinfectan

We have sourced the best quality material from our trusted suppliers to ensure the safety and authenticity of each chemical we supply to you.

Personal Care

Our ingredients are used in a variety of personal care products, including Cosmetic and Beauty, Haircare, Tanning, Oral care and Skincare.

Human & Animal Nutrition

This dynamic sector is continually developing so we follow the latest trends and innovations to offer you a wide choice of ingredients.

Make your problems, our problems.
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We pride ourselves on trusty, personal customer services and our strong customer relationships by working closely with our suppliers to provide you with the Finest Quality products at the BEST, Competitive Prices and ensure they are with you in the Fastest Lead Time. We have our own inhouse logistics team who work tirelessly to ensure swift and accurate delivery each and every time with great payment terms.

We are Flexible, Accurate, Trustworthy, Experienced and will always go the Extra Mile for our customers. Join our client base today and become part of the Ascot Family.

Our dynamic nature leads us to be constantly searching the market for new products and innovative ideas, improving technical support or expanding our overseas operations. This allows our technical team to communicate the latest trends to our customers to suit their needs and even provide viable alternative products.

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Our global supply chains allow us to source the highest quality products, at any quantity, all whilst working to your deadline..
We have multiple stock locations to satisfy customers worldwide, including Europe, USA and China.

Global Sourcing

Test Our Connection Today We follow the latest trends to identify innovative and exotic.


With our in house loglstics team we guarentee the fastest lead times to Uk & Eu customers.

Customer Supports

Make Our Problems,Our Problems We have multiple stock locations.